Breath Marks

• May 28, 2018 - 21:17

This is just something I came across while transcribing a tune for brass band. I needed to put in a breath mark to tell the player to take a breath before the next note, to, in effect shorten the previous note. Then I realized that in musescore, a breath mark stops all music for the duration that I input. But shouldn't a breath mark just shorten the note slightly being played by that specific instrument, like in definitions like this: ?


If you check the inspector, (F8) you should notice that the default value for a breath is 0, so adding the marking should not affect playback. If you want to actually hear a pause, you have to add a value greater than zero. If you want to hear the previous note shorter, add a stacatto mark, and if necessary, make it invisible. (V)
In any event, your performer should know how to correctly interpret the marking, even if Musescore seems to do it differently.

I suspect you are using the "pause" (aka "raliroad tracks" - two parallel lines) rather than the actual breath mark (looks like an apostrophe. The pause pauses, just as it should, but the breath does not - again, just as things should be.

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