Tie jumping over notes...

• May 31, 2018 - 10:22

I have this score where a tie between two Eflats cannot be made - it jumps right over the next Eflat which is in the next bar and jumps the two bars after that - which have no Eflat - and ties to the next bar where there is an Eflat.

That's at bar 18.



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Indeed, the second note is E natural because the barline cancelled the accidental. This is a good example of why courtesy accidentals are so crucial. That is, if you want an Eb, you need an explicit flat sign because the rules of music require it, but even if you had meant E natural, you'd want an explicit natural sign because the human brain is likely to misinterpret it as another Eb otherwise.

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Thank you very much, guys and I apologise for bringing such a gaffe to your attention in the guise of a problem.

I must have been having some kind of brain freeze. You've no idea how many times I went over and over that.

I can only suggest that maybe it was because the score I was copying from is a very basic cheat sheet type score meant for very beginners with each note with it's name inside the head of it. Gigantic lettering, the note letters in every note. And if there's two flats in the one bar they'll label each one as flat - there'll be two flat signs in the bar, or three if necessary and so on.

So perhaps that confused my brain..... is my only poor excuse....

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