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• May 31, 2018 - 22:55

how can i save my preferred page settings. i.e.: set page margins for all my docs to 20mm on each side and 10mm at top and bottom ?

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thanks for the reply, read and followed instructions which contain links that lead nowhere
also went to :
create new score > general > choose instruments ? then what ?
still can t figure it out

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Keep reading, especially User template folder. Save a score in this folder and it becomes a template you can use when you create a new score. Any notes, text, time signature... will not be included when the template is used, only the definitions and style settings will be retained in the new score.

Templates are good, but they also contain the full instrument list, and maybe you want to use these margin settings across multiple types of score. In which case, you can try saving the style setting (Style / Save Style) and then specifying that as the default in Edit / Preferences / Score. To be honest, I'm not totally sure that works; the handling of page size is kind of special in part because we try to automatically select between LEtter and A4 as appropriate. My hunch is setting a special margin would not override the margins in any existing templates, but maybe it would work when picking Choose Instruments. Worth a shot.

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