Volta repeats not working as they should

• Jun 1, 2018 - 16:46

The problem is in bars 71-74. The section repeats 5 times then stops. It should repeat and then go to bar 75 (marked ending #6) but it doesn't.

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Ah, Her Maj's subjects and citizens of the US of A. Two great peoples separated by a common language.

To the original point, I was able to make things work by foraging around in the dialog boxes until I found what I needed. I also find it interesting, but it's probably a different thread, that in order to make a coda work, I had to insert a "To Coda"; I'm used to notation that goes, as one of my band directors of yore liked to call it, bombsight to bombsight.

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For the sake of anyone lurking on this thread now, what I had to do was, I believe, close to what Jojo-Schmitz suggested; specifically, I inserted a To Coda; then I selected the text in the To Coda and replaced it with a coda symbol from the symbols palette. Had to enlarge the symbol from FreeSerif 12 to FreeSerif 20 to make it the same size as the coda symbol at the end of the piece. But it works. When I play it back, it jumps off in all the right places, including the coda. Thank you, all.

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