Preparing my soundfonts for MuseScore 3

• Jun 2, 2018 - 18:44

I am getting an early start on converting my soundfont presets to work with single-note crescendo and decrescendo, which will be available when Musescore 3 development wraps up. My question is, will single-note crescendos and decrescendos be implemented by altering the MIDI note velocity value, or will it act on some other MIDI parameter? If so, what is the parameter name?

I have attached screencaptures of my Polyphone parameters window for my customized Horn Section preset. It has been set up to use exclusively Note-On Velocity mapping to blend two horn samples. Thank you in advance. If my question is poorly worded, I can provide clarification.

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In my opinion:
This needs to be done on a software basis. (inside the MuseScore). and I guess, with CC11 message.
So I don't think you need to do anything special in the SoundFont.

Are you targeting SF2 or SFZ format? Some new functionality is being added to Zerberus to expand support for SFZ. Might be worth exploring if not currently.

MuseScore 3 is far enough away that it is impossible to say with any certainly what will be in or not or how to prepare for it. You can target based on the current thinking, but expect to need to change things.

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