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• Jun 15, 2018 - 16:49

Doing typesets of old editions and manuscripts I'd like to have a way to distinguish markings that are taken from the original from those I add because I think they are necessary. I do that for dynamics and for any text (such a "crescendo" or "legato") by making the font 2 points smaller than standard. For slurs, hairpins etc. I use dashed lines. But for trill and other ornamentation symbols there is no way to make them smaller. I help myself by surrounding those with brackets. But this means that the brackets (as text) are not linked to the symbols and move at every re-layout.

I'd like to have these symbols in a smaller version (is there a way I can create such a set and put it on a palette?) or (less desirable but still acceptable) a way to surround them with bracket the way it works for accidentals.

I tried to search the forums for such a request but did not find one. Not sure if that is due to my limited search skills. If so I beg pardon.


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Special characters = symbols? If not I don't know where to find them. And if yes I have not found a trill symbol. Lots mordents and what not, but no simple trill, not nearby nor elsewhere. For now I am using text "tr" in Times New Roman, italic and bold. Close enough, I guess.

Using color codes is not desired. I want to be able to print black and white.

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( Excuse my bad english )

To reduce the size of the trill :

  • Simply place it on the staff in an open space.

  • Then use the camera with the frame closest to the trill.


  • With ctrl + Shift drag the image into a custom palette of the workspace.

Of course :

  • Remove the trill from the staff.

  • Disable the camera.

It only remains to adjust the scale when this new icon is placed on the staff to adjust it to the desired size.

Warning ! the audio action is lost.

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To be clear: "Special Characters" is the dialog that appears if you press F2 or click the icon at the far left of the text toolbar while editing text. It allows access to the same symbols as the Symbols dalog more or less, although it is a set optimized for usage as text.

To find the trill symbol in the Symbols dialog, just type "trill" into the search box. You'll see the "tr" symbol as well as the components you'd need to build a trill line of any length. To find the symbols in the "Special Characters" dialog, go to the Musical Symbols tab and then either "Common ornaments" for the basic symbol "Combining strokes for trills and mordents" to build your own.

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Found it. Created he small trill on the palette.

BTW finding it is not so easy: You have to figure out that they are listed under C (common ornaments). Wouldn't it be better to have all ornaments in the same window, possibly sorted by category (common, baroque etc.)?
Or else at least have some indication under O as to where to look.
Same thing for notes.

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