Manual note offset?

• Jun 16, 2018 - 01:05

The first version of the program had an option under "note properties" that allowed you to manually adjust the starting/ending positions of notes. In the 2.1 updated version, I've looked under both the inspector palette and the note unput dropdown menu, neither have that option available

This brings me to another issue - the algorithm for grace notes needs to be fixed. When I play it with the metronome, the grace note gets the downbeat and the host note gets pushed forward in the timeline. This is a problem especially when notating battery percussion, because if a regular note has a grace note + a double stroke roll then the elements overlap/mash together and the grace note can't be heard

(I know musescore is supposed to be about notation and not playback, but it's a pretty vital feature when composing drum patterns & tight rhythms)


Different styles of music and different instruments have different interpretations of grace notes. The method used in MuseScore is consistent with much standard practice for piano and other instruments, but it is indeed not universal. Some day we will hopefully have more controls over that. Meanwhile, you can use the Pianoroll Editor as mentioned bove.

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