2.3-RC won't run without restoring factory settings

• Jun 19, 2018 - 19:23

I downloaded version 2.3-RC but it did the old show the splash screen and then acted as though it never ran. It never registered in the task manager, so I ran it from the command line with the -R switch and it started. I don't want to run it with -F until I know I can restore my work space and shortcuts. I have other version of MuseScore that I can restore my shortcuts and work spaces. What files do I need to get the shortcuts and work spaces to be transferred and where do I find them. I can't find a shortcuts.xml file for my 2.3 nightly I have loaded.


Something is here (hidden folders)


More here:


You can save the files in another folder then copy them to the correct destination

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My 2.3 installed over my 2.1 not my 2.2.1 which I have still loaded as a portable so it will coexist with other 2.x versions. I'm also on windows 10, which I don't know how much of a difference that makes.

I have my hidden files turned on and I don't see workspaces in my 2.2.1. I do have a custom workspace in 2.2.1 along with all of MY standard shorcuts defined, yet I don't see the hidden files that should be there or even the folders that should exist.

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