Church organ sound font that change tone with dynamic

• Jun 20, 2018 - 10:14

Can a church organ change tone from pp - flute, to ff - up to mixtures. I currently use pan-pipes as the nearest acceptable sound when quiet?


Yes, it's perfectly possible for a soundfont to do that. Quite a few sounds do this in the default soundfont. if the one you use does not - or doesn't do it in the way you might want - you can try different soundfonts as described in the Handbook under "Soundfonts".

I'd rather it behave predictably; I have used "mixtures in a swell box", as it were, i.e., the "MS Pipe Organ" at a lesser volume as continuo (yes, with its crazy 16' components and all) in large choruses (e.g. ) to credible effect. I'd rather it'd be predictable rather than trying to compress the exponential space of registration control into the linear "velocity" field. I, too have found pan-pipes as HIGHLY believable organ flutes; esp as a continuo instrument.

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