Chord Parenthesis Without Spaces

• Jun 22, 2018 - 18:17

When inputting a chord with parenthesis, e.g. (A), MuseScore adds spaces between the chord and the brackets, so it appears as ( A ). When several of these occur in the same bar, the parentheses begin to overlap and affect readability. Is there any way to get the chord to stay exactly as I type it, without spaces?

I'm using version 2.1


The amount of space is indeed not currently configurable, but adding the parens as separate symbols (whether from the Symbols palette or as regular chord symbols) would work. FWIW, though, the intent is that you enter a whole sequence of parenthesized chords as "(Fma7 Emi7 A7)" rather than "(Fma7) (Emi7) (A7)"

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