Playback Double Page Score Display with Single Page Refreshment.

• Jun 27, 2018 - 00:25

Dear Forum,
Often I use 'playback' as an auto accompaniment reading from the score displayed on screen. However, when playback reaches the end of the currently displayed page, double page or continuous stave(s) it jumps instantaneously to the next page, double page or continuous stave(s). This means it is impossible to read ahead at this point and makes it very difficult to smoothly pass from one display to another.

Have I missed some way of overcoming this problem already available in Musecore?

The solution I crave is that in double page playback display the first page is refreshed to the third page once the cursor has passed into the second page, then as the cursor reaches the end of the second page the third page is already displayed and the player's eye can smoothly move on to the third page a little ahead of the cursor. Once the cursor enters the third page the second page can then be undated ready again for the player as they continue reading ahead, and so on through the score.

Could this feature be implemented? (Assuming it doesn't already exist but I have failed to find it!)

Best regards, pjpy.


Currently, MuseScore is not really optimized for this type of use. You might find the mobile apps better suited. FWIW, the algorithm has changed a bit for 2.3, but not in a way that is likely to help your specific usage. Hopefully it doesn't hurt either. You might try downloading the beta to see for yourself (see main page of this site).

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Thanks for that information. I should have said I'm using Musescore 2.0.3 on a Raspberry Pi model 3B.

A while ago my main aim was to see if Musescore version 2 could run on the Pi. Once up and running I used Musescore for a project and then, as it didn't at that time have this feature, thought I would wait and see how the software developed. (I do have a RISC OS program running on the Pi with this feature... though not professional software.) Sadly it seems it is not to be in Musescore at least in the foreseeable future... but I cannot complain... with all the excellent features Musescore has to offer.

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