Control of Faders and Mixer Knobs with MIDI

• Jun 29, 2018 - 00:41

I think it could increase the enjoyment of working with MuseScore even more, if the Volume Fader and the Mixer Knobs could be controlled with MIDI messages. I think over 80% of operations could be done then with MIDI keyboard only.


Sure!!! It would be really useful. MuseScore also needs urgently a sort of MIDI controllers editor, where you can draw a curve Controller-Value × Time and it uses it on the playback to control parameters like volume, filter cutoff frequency, modulation and so on. This could be a big step on achieving the so requested crescendo/diminuendo in a single note. And not only that, but any other dynamic feature, like fp, sfz, sfp and multiple hairpins within a single note.

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