Microsoft Software Synthesizer

• Jul 10, 2018 - 10:18

I understand that Microsoft has a hidden Microsoft Software Synthesizer, that plays MIDI files on Media Player. Is there a way to connect this driver(?) to Musescore 2?. I connected Musescore to LoopMidi, but connecting the other end of the loop to the synthesizer is not obvious. There must be a control panel or some other visible means, but I cannot find it, neither Google.


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The problem isn't going to be the soundfont, it's the nature of how MIDI playback works in MuseScore. You can have the world's best sample of a single long tone starting out with a soft tongue, it's not going to sound remotely like a real saxophone in any other context - short staccato notes that should have sharper attack, slurred passages that should have no attack at all, etc. Get a different soundfont that is perfect for the short staccato notes and it won't sound right in the contexts, etc.

In order to get accurate playback of wind instruments, you need more than good samples, you need the playback engine to support all these various differences in attack. There has been some work towards that goal for MuseScore 3, but still much work to do.

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