Mixed meter, key sig, and tremolo

• Sep 10, 2009 - 21:51

I'm wondering how to input that sort of thing in MuseScore.

Also: is it possible to do different time signatures on each staff (4/4 on top 6/8 on bottom) or different key sigs (e.g. F# major on top and D minor on bottom).



Tremolos and different key signatures are possible (see instructions in the handbook). However it is not possible to have different time signatures simultaneously on each staff.

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Tremolos are indeed possible to notate, But Musescore's version doesn't look like the example you posted (at least for me). Also playback is most unsatisfactory, and it is impossible to notate trems with numbers, eg. a tremolo to be played as 16th note triplets for two beats might ordinarily be written as dotted half notes connected by two beams and the number 12. One way I think this could be implemented better is to treat it similar to multi-measure rests--once you are done editing a group of alternating notes, you select them and convert them to a tremolo. It is little bother to enter a tremolo manually using copy and paste, and the results would be more predictable and intuitive.

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Some people prefer to connect the beams for tremolos with the half-note heads. This is a style choice (although it seems odd because none of the other tremolos are connected). It means the same thing as the type of tremolos you see in MuseScore and elsewhere which have unconnected beams.

Your suggestion to treat it similarly to multi-measure rests would probably work for measured tremolos although it slightly deviates from WYSIWYG and would have to make a number of educated guesses about where it thinks you want the tremolos. I think it would be confusing for unmeasured tremolos.

Like most palette items playback of tremolos is not yet implemented.

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Tremolos, trills, turns, measure repeats, etc etc. are a kind of shorthand, and what you want to see isn't what you want to get anyway. Maybe my reference to multi-measure rests wasn't the best, because in the case of the tremolo, you would select the group of notes written out, and then there would need to be an option to condense that group into a tremolo. If the user selects a group of notes that doesn't make sense, (like selecting seven 16th notes) then that should generate an error message prompting the user to select either six, or eight. If a group of tuplets are selected, the number should be retained in the notation. No guessing on the computers part at all.
This all kinda goes along in a similar vein with prior suggestions I've made here: http://www.musescore.org/en/node/1054

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