rest and bar corrections

• Jul 12, 2018 - 02:51

Errors shouldn't be automatically corrected or rests automatically added or bars fixed to suit the time signature...this automatic correction feature makes it relatively difficult to make changes and it also limits the freedom


I (and I believe a lot of other users) actually find that very helpful and time-saving. What exactly is making it difficult to make changes?

It's difficult until you get the hang of it, to be sure. Don't think of it as "automatic correction" - think of it as, MuseScore will not move a note in time until you tell it to. So if you enter a note on beat four, it stays on beat four if at all possible despite changes you might make earlier in the bar. So if you want to move that note earlier or later, simply do so directly, via cut and paste. Works quite well once you wrap your brain around the concept.

But FWIW, the idea of creating a "scratch pad" mode - where notes do move earlier or later on every change in accordance with how a literal reading would have it - does come up from time to time, and I suspec t that at some point such a mode will be added.

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