Drawing but not playing repeats; and how to keep a custom transposition through a sound change

• Jul 12, 2018 - 13:40


In this score, is it possible to make the repeats from measures 6-9 show up, but not actually play the repeats?

And is it possible to keep a custom transposition when you change instrument sounds? In another score I'm writing, the guitar is tuned a half step down, but the sheet music shows it as being played on a standard tuned guitar. When I change from a clean to distorted guitar, the transposition disappears. Any way to fix?


You could add the repeat signs by changing the properties of a normal barline using the Inspector, rather than adding them from the palette. Or you could add them as Symbols (press "Z" to display that palette). Or you could set the "Play count" for the measure with the repeat sign to 1 (right click, Measure Properties). The best way depends on what you actually want to have happen - I'm kind of guessing you want something different for different staves, based on the appearance of the score.

As for changing sounds, I guess you mean you used the Change Instrument command on an Instrument Change text? No way to customize the transposition in that case, but instead of Change Instrument, just use the Mixer to change the sound.

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