[SOLVED!] Files lost because of a "Do not save" accident.

• Jul 25, 2018 - 04:10

Okay so I was recently working on a piece of music for about 4 hours. Then I go to look something up on the internet if there is any patches on Articulations, such as cresendos and stuff. All that to the side, I was just browsing the internet and I click on this link a musescore user had in their forum, and it brought me to another piece of music that someone already had created. Then I go to exit out of that music, then boom something TERRIBLE happens. I quickly (without consent) press "Do no save", thinking it was the other music I didn't compose. So I've tried looking things up for help and support and nothing has clicked in me yet. I'm so mad right now I can delete MuseScore off my laptop. So now I have the other music saved, which isn't mine and now my original is just gone. It's like my hard work just dissapeared and I feel like I wasted 4 hours sitting on my couch. I could've spent those four hours with my mom or something.. Can someone please help me? Maybe there is a solution that can resolve this accident? Please respond ASAP thank you.


If you saved your work at all during that session, you may have an auto-save backup file to load. As far as I know there may even be a backup if you did not create a saved file, but I can't guarantee that is the case.


For me, the mantra is "save early, save often" (and backup your backups on more than one device)

Good luck.


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Frequently save your work but ALSO frequently copy the file that you are working on - just flip to your Operating System's file manager program and copy and paste the file back with a different name (highlighting the file and pressing [Ctrl]-c, [Ctrl]-v works in Windows and Linux systems). Then periodically bask everything up to the Cloud.

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