Lyrics are creating 1-bar lines!

• Jul 26, 2018 - 04:39

I have my sheet set up with 6 bars per line breaks.
I am copying/pasting lyrics into the sheet, note by note.

All of a sudden Musescore decides to make a line consist
of just one bar!

I backed out and didn't save.
Came back and started entering lyrics and same thing happened.
I decided to continue.

Next line was OK. Six bars with lyrics.
Next line I come up to bar six, enter the lyrics and once again that 6th bar is shifted over
to a new line, all by itself!

Anyone know how can I fix this now?


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Yes thanks very much Shoichi that has fixed the problem for now.

My next step will be to enter 'second verses' under the existing lyrics
and then finally to tidy up the visuals/spacing by making the notes invisible
so the chord diagrams can be lowered onto the staves.

I hope I won't have any more problems like I had above. :)

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Well I didn't see your reply until I had made the notes invisible instead.
Now when I try to select all the notes to make them rests (delete them) nothing happens.

Anyway the real problem now is the following.
I have finished the song. All the lyrics have been entered. I had to reduce stave spacing once again.

I would like to fill up the page (one page) completely instead of leaving all that open space.
If I try to increase stave spacing now, I get the 'one bar per line' problem I had before.
Am attaching the file so you can see.
I hope this isn't too difficult to fix?

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Trouble_in_the_Air-3.mscz 16.46 KB

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Thanks again Shoichi. :)
Landscape wouldn't work for my situation.

Increasing the Max distance to 21.0 improved things but didn't get my desired results.
The problem I have is that I use the program rather infrequently, just a few times a year and so I forget things etc.
I have started taking good notes though (for next time) :)

I massaged the chord size and the text size and I now have something I can live with! :)

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Trouble_in_the_Air-3b.mscz 19.76 KB

To be clear though, MuseScore doesn't magically starts creating 1bar systems.
What happens is that with lyrics, often some notes (and thus also the bar that contains them) will become wider and take up more space. In your scenario, this leads to the 6 bars no longer fitting in a single system with the current stretch/layout/scaling settings.
MuseScore can keep the 5 first on a system, and makes the next bar overflow to the next system.

However, you have explicitly told MuseScore that that bar (previously the 6th) should be the end of a system, and that is what MuseScore still does; leaving you with just that one bar on the system.

Either change your style options like stretch/scaling (as Schoichi showed you) or simply refrain from putting in system breaks and layout work on the score until after you've actually entered it.

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