Converting old battery notation/playback to MDL

• Jul 27, 2018 - 13:13

Will there be a way to convert old battery parts from the default sounds/notation to the MDL sounds and notation? No rush of course


Attached is a score with all the noteheads and sounds of Marching percussion in previous versions of MuseScore and in 2.3 without MDL. If someone can set up the same score but how it should look in MDL then someone else can maybe program a tool to do the conversion of scores automatically.

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marching22.mscz 10.04 KB

Well the fastest way I see to do it is to make a copy of the score and change all the old battery instruments into the mdl ones and open both the old and new score. Go to the new score and click on left click on one note on the first instrument. Then go to select similar like this but go to the one that says more... And then just have same pitch checked off. Close that then all the same notes should be highlighted. Check the old score and then flip back to the new one and set it to the right note by re-pitching the notes (you can use the up down arrow keys). Repeat until you have everything how it should. It's just a bit of extra work but it's reasonable and it's definitely easier than having to start all over again.

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