Need help with fretboard diagram barre

• Jul 29, 2018 - 16:53

Trying to create a fretboard diagram for a C6/9 chord. See attached image.

So - there is a partial bar at fret 2 across the D and G strings. When I add a barre (shift+click D string fret 2), the barre extends all the way to the high E string. I don't want the barre across four strings. I want it only on the D and G strings. How do you create a partial barre that does not extend to unwanted strings?



" How do you create a partial barre that does not extend to unwanted strings?"

It's not possible/supported currently.
Eventually, as a workaround (but probably not a wished result): add regular text for finger numbers to significate you use the same finger 1 for pressing two strings.

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Other workaround (better displaying)
1) Create two different diagrams (see the two strings barre)
2) Put them for reuse (and for better placement by default) in a custom palette/or current diagrams palette

3) Select a note: from the palette, double-click on the two strings barre
4) Select again the same note: double-click on the other diagram
You get:
5) Escape -> double-click on the two strings barre
6) Move it precisely with Right arrow
You receive finally:
fret5.jpg and fret6 final.jpg

Thanks, jacalart, I was going to ask the same question. Bars are often partial. I play even open A pressing all three strings with one finger. There's no way to indicate even that.

Cadiz, your suggestions are valiant and creative, but are also workflow and productivity disasters, of course. We may as well just get out MacPaint and draw the whole diagram from scratch.

Hopefully a developer or product manager can chime in to acknowledge the need for this feature?

Thanks in advance!

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