Shorten (truncate, compress, contract) a staff in the middle of a leadsheet

• Aug 5, 2018 - 00:18

Very basic and very appreciative user here.

How can I shorten a staff that is in the middle of a (leadsheet) page?

Specific example – I’ve written a simple, 16-bar exercise that I’ve grouped as three bars on the first staff, three bars on the second staff and two bars (tied whole notes) on the third staff.

The last eight bars are a variation of the first eight and are placed on the page in the same, 3-3-2, grouping.

I’ve separated the first eight from the second eight with the addition of a vertical frame.

I can shorten the last line (after bar 16) by appending a horizontal frame.

However, I also want to shorten the third staff in the same way but if I select measure number eight, inserting a horizontal frame places that frame between measure 7 and measure 8 -- not at the end of the line, and, appending a horizontal frame, with that measure selected, appends that frame to the end of the score.




Appending is indeed always to end of score. So instead, use "Insert". That is, insert the frame before the first measure of the next line. Or, in your case, before the frame. BTW, if the only reason for the frame is to create space, better to use the element designed for that - see the Breaks & Spacers palette.

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Thanks, Marc.

I was trying to insert the horizontal frame when there was a pre-existing System Break attached to measure eight. And, inserting a Horizontal Frame to the next measure (which was the first measure of the next line) added a frame to that (the next) line.

When I removed that System Break, the insertion of a Horizontal Frame separated measures eight and nine and THEN I added a System Break to that frame.

It looks exactly as I want.

Thanks again,


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