[Linux/Flatpak] Shrunk viewport

• Aug 9, 2018 - 09:08


this has been going on for a while now. I can’t link this to any event which could have caused this.

The viewport size seems to be calculated wrongly, always by x px smaller than the window:

Snímka obrazovky z 2018-08-09 09-54-58.png
Snímka obrazovky z 2018-08-09 10-01-54.png

If I open the panels however, it works correctly:

Snímka obrazovky z 2018-08-09 09-55-00.png
Snímka obrazovky z 2018-08-09 10-05-04.png

A friend of mine, who also uses the Flatpak version, can reproduce this too.

If I reset the environment and for MuseScore to recreate the config files, it works correctly again, so I guess something must have corrupted or something.

I am the maintainer of the Flatpak version, so if this is a problem with the packaging, I am more than willing to help fix this.



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