MDL - (Musescore Drumline) Tremolo for 1/8 and dotted 1/8 notes comes out as buzz instead of 2 diddles on playback.

• Aug 13, 2018 - 06:55

So far the new Drumline extension looks promising thanks for doing this. And apologies if this is posted elsewhere. A cursory search found nothing.

I noticed that when I try to add a 2 slash tremolo to an 1/8th note, it comes out sounding like a buzz instead of 32nd notes. This happens with both 8th and dotted 8th notes.

Attached are 2 scores, one with new MDL, one with old custom drumline sound fonts. Beast 1&2 should sound the same as beats 3&4 on both.


Nothing? Can I at least get confirmation from anyone in the drumline community that this isn't just me or that I'm doing something wrong?

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Be patient. It's August and Europeans like to take holidays in August. I haven't seen Daniel, who made the MDL, in a while so I suspect he will comment when he gets back. I know it's unusual for this forum to not give answer within an hour. I don't use MDL so I have no other comment on it. One thing that will help when someone does answer is if you post a sample with the wrong playback.

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