Export pars to designated folders

• Aug 16, 2018 - 20:59

Hi I would like to request a feature or plugin to export a song to designated folders. lets say i have a song called my_song with 6 parts in it. that i would like to export the outputs (pdf midi and mp3) to a a location
c:\songs\by_song\my_song\my_song_instrument2.pdf etc

i have found the batch convert script but it's not uquite clear to me how this works and how i could modify it to do what i want.

any help hints are appreciated.
Br Martijn


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Hi Jojo,

thanks for the reply. I just tried the plugin. and indeed is works kind of what i had in mind. it will indeed generate me a pdf for the master score. a midi and an mp3. but it will not generate the individual parts. like export parts would.

could you guide me how to modify the script for this? i'd like to understand the QT language such that i could make more scripts for automation. So far i could only find Python Qt documentation.

Br Martijn

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