Trumpet playback spontaneously making incorrect sound

• Aug 17, 2018 - 22:42
Reported version

When I first updated to Musescore version 2.3, the trumpet playback occasionally was off from the standard soundfont of a trumpet. Instead, it was a weird hybrid between a mute and a standard sound, as if the trumpet was being muffled. I went back to version 2.2 to sidestep this issue, which was absent there, but it came back around when i updated to 2.3.2 to get the MDL extension.
It only occurs on the trumpet part, and only in certain songs and in certain parts of those songs. It seems as though it is random as to where it occurs. It also happens in different spots depending on what other instruments are playing or not.
I also realized that it has only happened on my primary soundfont, Arachno Soundfont (, and not on any others. However, this issue never occurred on a previous version of musescore either, so I wonder what would have been changed to cause this.
It's not the files that are corrupted either. I took a passage that consistently displayed this issue, and transcribed it into a new file from scratch (attached below), and it still occurred.

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