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• Aug 21, 2018 - 17:51

There may be a simple answer to this but I recently transferred my scores to a MacBook pro from a windows 10 laptop and for some reason, there are fewer fonts available to me on the mac. For example, I can not find the crimson font on the mac but I can use it on the windows 10 laptop. Is this because mac doesn't support that font?


A lot of fonts are transferable from Windows to Mac. The problem is that the font is not loaded on the computer. This is one of the few operating system items you would want to transfer.

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I'm not familiar with Mac, perhaps someone can help you with that end. In windows, I would just use File Explorer and search the C drive including sub-directories for the name of the font.

Edit: I'm not familiar with Mac, but you may be able to do a search for *.ttf to find where to put the font.

To transfer them put it in the cloud somewhere like google one drive or e-mail it to yourself.

Something to be clear about: there are not "MuseScore fonts" at all, just plain normal fonts shared among all programs on your computer. I've never heard of "Crimson" before and don't have that on my Windows system, but a quick Google search shows a number of places you can download it from. I'd do that rather than mess with trying to copy it from one computer to another. but I'd also consider whether you want to tie yourself to a non-standard font that others won't have on their systems - it means if/when you share your scores with others, they won't look the same unless they have that same font installed. Unless you are a font expert already and know how to deal with such matters, it's probably best just to stick to the standard fonts used in MuseScore.

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