Chinese instruments -- add those to your MuseScore!

• Aug 28, 2018 - 19:55

Any Chinese music enthusiast here? Whether you want to arrange, compose or just play around with Chinese instrument, you may try this out. This will add the Chinese instruments you need.

Click on the link to download and use the file:

These are the templates I have created so far:

Here is the instructions for adding the instrument list:
Here is the instructions for adding the templates:

A special thanks to shanewynston, the original creator of the file! A few years ago he created instrument ver 1.xml, which gave me the opportunity to modify it as chinese instrument ver 2.xml, with the following changes:
- Replaced 'Ethnic' genre with the new 'World' genre, which is the updated name for newer versions
- Added short forms for instruments
- Added generic forms for similar instruments, as a response to the similar inclusion in recent updates of the instrument.xml of MuseScore
- Only Chinese instruments are included to minimize file size, other instruments are still visible when used with the original instrument.xml
- More variations of banhu added
- Minor changes for compatibility with MuseScore 2.3
His post is here:

Note: This is not for the simplified/numeral notations. The playback sounds are not Chinese instruments.

Feel free to put feedback and comments!!


Really thanks!Do you have any Chinese instruments sound-fonts? The Chinese instruments' sound effect in Musescore are not correct.

Best regards,

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