Make note heads larger

• Sep 2, 2018 - 01:45

I want to make the note heads bigger for my elementary students...


Note that the setting mentioned above makes everything larger, which is probably what you want anyhow. If you only made the noteheads larger, they wouldn't fit between the staff lines any more, as they are already the full height of the space.

But if only increasing noteheads is your end goal (including overlap of other things) and you don't need small notes, you can abuse that functionality.
Mark all the notes as small; then use the corresponding style setting to scale them to a value bigger than 100%

Hi, sorry to ask again. I need to make some note heads larger for a contemporary score I'm doing. Clicking the "small" box in the inspector makes them small, but how do I make it bigger?

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Do you really what onls the heads to be larger? Or also the staves?
In the latter case go to Format > Pate settings and increase the saceling, the staff space setting.
In the former case you could 'mis-use' small chords and make tham larger via Format > Style > Sizes > Size small note, set it to bigger than 100%
So the same as jeetee already mentioned just above your post, 2 1/2 years ago

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