Why no invisible tempo marks

• Sep 4, 2018 - 22:47

Can anyone please explain why in the attached score (I attach only the first part) the tempo marks governing the ritard and a tempo in measures 34-37 aren't visible? The tempo slows down and then reverts to 60 bpm as wanted, and the playback shows the proper speeds, but the marks aren't visible, even though I have Show Invisible turned on, as indicated by the dynamics marks in measure 34. It's not a huge problem, but it complicates revising. I suppose I could put in the missing tempo marks again and make them invisible with the Inspector, but I'm afraid that might screw something else up.

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whynotempotext.mscz 181.26 KB


You have edited the text of those tempo markings and replaced them with (6) spaces. Spaces as such are invisible and you cannot see them. You could try double-clicking the spot where you are expecting the tempo markings to be found, e.g. above the slurred A note below the "rit..." in measure 34 and edit the text to make it visible again. This can be a hit or miss though.

I have modified the style for tempo markings in the attached file to display a box around it. That way they are visible and can be edited easily. Afterwards you can change the tempo style and disable the boxes.

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whynotempotext(1).mscz 181.59 KB

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