3.0 figured bass entry

• Sep 14, 2018 - 16:31

figured bass.PNG

This is what figured bass input looks like in version 3. Why is the edit box on the staff? BTW, if you enter a non standard item it stays where the edit box is.

Edit: I also discovered it's impossible to edit a figured bass once it's entered.

I looked for an issue, but didn't find one. Do you think this is a bug or a feature?


I found a sure bug:

At some point, entering figured bass causes a previously entered figured bass with the next location selected by using ctrl+# to grow with every keystroke while in figured bass entry mode.

I don't know yet how to consistently reproduce it, but in my score I have a half note followed by a quarter note. Every beat has a figured bass on it, so I advance to the next beat with ctrl+5. After several measures, typing a numbers, symbol, tab or ctrl+# (# = a number 0-9 as you probably know) causes all of the figured bass in my sample measure to grow wider. As it grows wider, the current location jumps off the right side of the screen because the previous measures are now longer. My sample measure actually got so wide that trying to enter a figured bass character with the cursor on the left edge of the screen caused the current location to jump off the right side of the screen when the sample measure grew by that much on one keystroke. My zoom is at about 200% so I can see about 6 measures at a time.

I almost forgot. Save, close and open the file resets the measures.

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