delete text

• Sep 15, 2018 - 14:00

i have text in a place i dont want it but cant remove it. tried clicking on but to no avail
it just starts moving the page around. thanks in advance


Cange to continues mode, locate and delete that text, switch back to page mode.
If this doesn't help, attache your score here so we can have a look

Assuming the Continuous mode trick worked, be aware that is because you must have previously moved that text manually so far out of position that it ended up on a new page after some other layout change. And that is what makes it unselectable. Normally that shouldn't happen; if you always attach text to the proper location and then only move it by relatively small amounts, it will never end up on a different page.

Also, be aware you can't select header or footer text; to edit that go to Style / General / Header, Footer, Numbers.

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