Strange behaviour of un-saved notification (*)

• Sep 18, 2018 - 15:51

I usually work with both MuseScore and a text document (and sometimes a browser) open at the same time. I often find that when I am working outside of MuseScore, the program icon in the Windows notification area flashes and turns orange. (indicating program activity) When I return to Musescore, the file shows as un-saved, with an asterix (*) beside the file name. I have checked numerous times, and I am certain that the file has been saved before I change apps. For example, it just occurred while I was typing this message.

This doesn't seem to happen if I am just viewing a file outside MuseScore, but if I enter information in the other program, MuseScore seems to assume I am editing my music file.

Win 10
MuseScore 2.3.2

I doubt that this is a real bug, but it's disconcerting nonetheless.



I think this is related to the score in question being in continuous mode. At least that's what was happening to me some time ago.

Good Luck.

Indeed, this can happen when you are in Continuous mode. What happens is there is an "auto-save" that kicks in every two minutes (by default; you can customize this in Edit / Preferences). Normally this is totally transparent and you wouldn't ever notice, but if your score is in Continuous mode, MuseScore needs to temporarily flip it to Page view in order to generate the thumbnail image (and I think a few other reasons) and this can cause the OS to detect activity and thus flash the icon. It shouldn't also mark the score as unsaved, but apparently sometimes it does? I have not seen that particular behavior on Windows 10, but maybe other OS's work differently?

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Well, since you say "This doesn't seem to happen if I am just viewing a file outside MuseScore, but if I enter information in the other program, MuseScore seems to assume I am editing my music file", I can only assume that even though your eyes might be looking at this other window, the actual focus is still on the MuseScore window. In Windows, this can happen if you have the option set to give focus to a window on hover - then even if you think you've switched to another window, merely brushing the mouse could return focus to the MuseScore window. In which case, there is really nothing MuseScore can do about it. If MuseScore has the focus, then when you type, the OS will send those keystrokes to MuseScore regardless of which windows your eyes happen to be looking at.

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That is very interesting, and I'll be sure to watch for it, but I think I'm fairly certain which program is active at any given time. You may be quite right, though, as I often use multiple monitors in my work, so I can see different forms of the project (Script, lyrics, music, spreadsheets, etc.) while I work.

Perhaps the reason it only happens when I am working in another program is that when I just view a file (to verify lyrics, etc.) I don't spend that long away from my MuseScore file, so the program doesn't hit the auto-save time limit.

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Personally, I have disengaged auto-save. I find it very convenient to do a CTRL save every few minute. As i write I often has pauses when I rethink what is going on, and I use those pauses.

This completely removes other issues with autosave.


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