Zerberus Channel increase?

• Sep 19, 2018 - 08:48

Is there any plans to increase the amount of channels that Zerberus can handle beyond 64? (Either in MS2 or MS3?). This would seem to me to be an upgrade well needed.

Thank you.


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Is that something that the program would have to be recompiled? If so, I don't have the method to do that myself, and I am now using the unofficial 64-bit build anyhow so that I can load large soundfonts. But I know that my operating system would easily be able to handle the load if it were possible to have more channels. A lot of the channels get used up because I can assign 3~5 SFZ to each individual instrument (usually sustain, staccato, and accent). But it would make it a lot easier for me to retain a full orchestra template having all necessary instruments already loaded in this fashion (and then delete any that I don't end up using in the end).

Any updates with removing this limitation. It still exists in MS3. I am sorry, but it is extremely annoying that I cannot load every instrument of an entire orchestra in SFZ for playback OR for even for rendering. I am willing to pay someone to make this simple change as it is an extreme hindrance to using the program for me.

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Thank you for your effort in all of this. I'll give it a try this wekend.
I counted my instruments for a full orchestra that I have set up in a template with SFZ in Musescore.
I come up with 127 instruments, but leaves no extra room for unique ones here and there.
(The count includes both a section and solo, plus sustain, staccato, accent, and then pizzicato and tremolo for some others).
If this works, can we try 192?

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I checked it out and everything seems to work great (except when it obviously reaches the 128 limit).
Maybe you should set it to 256 just in case someone else might need to go that high.
But I noticed that there was absolutely no change in memory between builds. The instruments are already pre-loaded (the set I have took about 5GB of Ram). But regardless if I was using the 64 limit build or the 128 build there was no difference in memory usage. I did not notice any lag when playing the score with all the instruments. Of course, I would have to build a more complex score (which this limitation was hindering me for some time).

My specs are 16GB of Ram, a quad processor, and a solid state drive (where the instruments are stored), so I'm not sure if it lags anything on a lesser machine.

Can I send you a donation?

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