Soundfont order

• Sep 20, 2018 - 19:14

Is there a way that an option can be selected to automatically add a new soundfont at the BOTTOM of the list in Fluid? Even with a higher end computer, it still has a lot of delay in having to shift anty new soundfont to the bottom of the list.

However, I personally would prefer to have both Fluid and Zerberus be file specifc instead of order specific (or an option to switch between either of those). That way if I delete a soundfont or add a new one, I don't have to reset every single instrument because they are now shifted ahead or behind in the order.


FWIW the current model works well for GM soundfonts where the normal use case is a user installing a new soundfont expecting it to be used for all instruments by default. In this case, you want the new soundfont on top of the list, and this probably accounts for 90% of all uses of this facility. But indeed, for those cases where you are installing different soundfonts for different instruments, more flexibility would be nice some day.

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