• Sep 24, 2018 - 18:01

in classical_Guitar_notation very often the same notehead is used in voice 1 and 2 the same time without writing it double. Often the not in Voice 1 is an 1/8 note and in voice 2 1/2 note.
Is there a more easy way to do it then to write the note in voice 1 and vice 2 and hide one of them


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Thank you very much for your answer
I overlooked the possibility of changing the notehead to a 1/2 note.
But instead of using a second voice i changed the notehead and added a combining stem from the symbol-palette so i don´t have to mess with the doubled notes in the tablature.
For the playback the new let ring sign would be the best.
p s: musescore 3.0 alpha crashes while starting on muy computer even if i take the other possibilities of starting it

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