Copy measure changes, frames and breaks

• Sep 26, 2018 - 11:20

Please, for the next version try to add these new features when you use Copy and Paste:

  • copy measure changes: 3x4 / 2x4 / 6x8 / 9/8 / etc, etc
  • copy frames: horizontal, vertical, etc
  • copy breaks: system break, page, section, etc


I would also very much like the feature of copying the music with every element. It would be so useful when, for example, changing in a large work the places where one file starts and another begins.
(I am currently having to rewrite about 50 time signatures, visible and invisible tempos and some other system texts only to bring a piece from the start of one file to the end of another. And it’s less then 10 minutes of score that I have already entered. A bit frustrating :))

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