Different soundfonts for different instruments in same score

• Oct 2, 2018 - 01:39

Hi, Is it possible to select various soundfonts for different instruments in the same score? The reason I'm asking is because I would like to obtain soundfonts for Middle Eastern instruments and then use them to generate a better sound to the traditional instruments contained in the standard Musescore soundfonts (FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 or MuseScore_General.sf3)

If it isn't possible to install more than one sound font per score, do I need to extract the parts, install a different sound font for every part and then insert them as single tracks into a DAW like Presonus Studio 1 or similar and combine them in that way?

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You can have as many soundfonts saved to a score as you like. Keep in mind the instruments in the mixer are listed according to sound font, so: All instruments in soundfont #1 are listed, then all instruments in soundfont #2 and so forth. So if all of the soundfonts have a violin, you will have a violin listed in each soundfont. I would list the soundfont used by the most instruments first.

Thank you Mike, how do I go about adding external soundfonts and having them appear in the mixer dropdown menu under each instrument? Or are they automatically added to the mixer drop down menu when I add the soundfont to the synthesizer?

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Thanks Mike, I'll attach pictures, since I don't totally understand... Attached is my mixer with some instruments in the image, followed by the synthesizer view with my FluidR3Mono and Musescore General soundfonts... Do the names in the mixer indicate the FluidR3Mono's soundfonts since they are listed first, or are some of the Musescore General's sounfonts included as well, since it is listed second in the synthesizer? What I would like to add to the synthesizer is some Middle Eastern Ethnic Instruments soundfonts like the Tar, Oud and Erhu, which don't appear in the dropdown lists of the Mixer (Obviously because I didn't add them yet). But if I add them, would they appear so that I can associate them with a specific track in the score?

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