Measure repeat symbol for chord charts

• Oct 5, 2018 - 19:01

Is there a way to add a "repeat measure" symbol into either the staff or the chord symbol area? It kind of looks like a % sign (file attached).

It would be great if one could put chord names alternating with or in place of slashes within a system.

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measure repeat symbol.gif 446 bytes


FWIW, though, using the measure repeat symbol in this way is not really conventional - the more standard way to indicate the same chord is just to not put another chord symbol above. That is, two measures G7 would be indicated with two measures filled with slashes and a single G7 over the first beat of the first measure. That's it, no measure repeat symbol on or above the staff. That symbol isn't normally used to indicate repetition of measures filled with slashes, only measures filled with actual notes. And the symbol is also not normally used to indicate a repetition of a chord symbol - instead, the lack of anything to say the chord does not continue is the usual way of indicating that.

But even though it's not standard, you can use the measure repeat symbol on the staff if you have some unusual / special reason to do so. If you similarly want to add one above the staff, you can add it form the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display).

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