I made a score of The Greatest Showman's A Million Dreams

• Oct 6, 2018 - 17:25

YEEEE CHECK IT OUT!!! (NOTE: I'm only starting to train my ears for orchestration, please do bear if there are any cringey parts)

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Not without violating copyright. And I'm not talking about Matthew Hernadez' copyright (to his arrangement) but about B. Pasek and J. Paul's, which I believe are handled via their publisher Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
At least my version of it in musescore.com got hidden on Kobalt's demand

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I think publishing copyright is something different as performance copyright.
So one can play new works, but need to registry performance and pay for songs.
I think, there are different organisations in different states, which are responsible for this.

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There can be performance fees. Depends on the publisher and country. Some publishers have lawyers whose only job is to hunt down copyright infringement.
For example, there was once a college concert band on tour. After a concert the trombone player accidently left his folder of music behind. Later, someone picked it up and found the entire folder was xeroxed music. It was returned to the publisher who fined the school a few hundred thousand dollars for copyright infringement. According to this publisher, you can't photocopy its music except as a temporary fix for a lost part. And you have to buy a new part as soon as possible.
Some publishers are a little more lax, some are worse.

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