Title Bar formatting

• Oct 8, 2018 - 20:14

I would like to see a Title section, akin to the Header, which shows up only on the first page. It would be able to use metatags and define its style. This would make it easier to create templates.
There should also be an option to ignore the Header (on the first page) if the Title Bar has info in it.


If I understand correctly, you can do this already. Just add a Title to your sample score if there isn't one already, increase the size of the vertical frame to force it to take the full page, and add whatever else you like. Save the result to your Templates folder. Now it will be available to create future scores from in the Create New Score wizard.

The header is already ignored for the first page by default, but you can enable it if you like in Style / General / Header, Footer, Numbers.

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The problem i'm having is not so much that i can't create a title page/bar for the first page to use in a template, but that i have to enter the information in multiple locations. It would be great to able to enter all score info in ONE place (Score Properties), and have metatags in a text field be replaced by those in the Score Properties.
So i guess what i'm looking for is the ability to use metatags in text fields...

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That would be nice indeed, and doesn't currently exist except in that if you remember to enter the info when you first create the score (in the Create New Score wizard), it is used to populate the title frame. So if you do create a template that is set up as you like, then whenever you actually use that template, it should work as expected, as long as you remember to enter the info when first create the score rather than waiting until later.

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