Changing the key of an instrument.

• Oct 11, 2018 - 00:39


I'm transposing a piece onto Musescore, my problem so far is that it requires a trombone in the key of A, which I could not find in the list. (I didn't even know that those exist.) The soprano sounds to me to be in C, the treble and alto B♭ ( so really only the clef changed for these two).
Is there some way that I can force-transpose a staff to convert a B♭ trombone to an A trombone? I'd rather stay true to the original piece rather than transpose it to B♭, and the "Transpose written pitches to sound:" feature only goes by the octave.

EDIT: The score is in a different language, turns out it's a trumpet in A, not a trombone. If I don't know how to delete this thread.


You cannot delete the thread. You have done well to explain what you learned. I have never seen a trombone in A, so I suspected you were looking at a trumpet or horn.

You said that "Transpose written pitches to sound:" only goes by octave. This doesn't make any sense. There is a drop down so you can set an octave (including 0) and a smaller interval from a minor second (actually a Unison is the smallest) up to an octave and every conceivable interval in between. FYI the Key of A in a minor 3rd below concert pitch.

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