File won't upload to

• Oct 15, 2018 - 15:48

I want to be able to send this File to You Tube. Though the file was long since saved into MS2 +, I cannot get it uploaded to It just goes to "your score is being processed" and just stays on that. Don't know why?


The reason is probably that the file is huge. A lot of patience may be required to wait for it to load. It took quite a while for it to load into my MuseScore.

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Hi, , i've never wanted to send this file to You Tube before, but now the Pacific Coast Chorale director is saying he is willing to consider an Operatic Chorus selection to perform. So I want the Final Chourus of Act !. to send, and You Tube is a good way for him to see/hear it.. I tried twice to upload it to, and it just never gets there. MS says "your score is being processed" indefiniteiy, and the MS Halloween Spooky Songs notice just stays on there also1

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Yes. That's how i'm trying to do it. It then says score is finished. Go to my Score. So I go there, and MS says your score is being processed. it will be displayed when it is ready. But it never displays, even after a long wait. I know it's possible to upload this score to, as the original 1.3 file has been on since 2014. However, that one would not go to You Tube--MS said it must be upgraded to MS 2. So I 'm trying to upload this file which is now actually a MS 2.3.2 file.

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I solved this problem. For one thing, I switched over to my Chrome browser from my Windows 10 Edge and went on, then clicked on Upload, then selected The MS file, and it did finally upload to MS, and I got it sent to You Tube. Thanks everyone!

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