Suppress Other Voices In SATB Closed Score

• Oct 17, 2018 - 15:17

I have a score prepared using SATB closed score template as follows:
soprano - voice 1 on treble clef
alto - voice 2 on treble clef
tenor - voice 1 on bass clef
bass - voice 2 on bass clef
When I playback, is it possible to just playback 1 part while suppressing the other 3?


Yes, with tricks.
Use the attached template rather than the one that comes with MuseScore, add a (hidden) staff text to the first cord/rest and set its properties to switch Soprano and Tenor to voice 1 (and 3), Alto and Bass to voice 2 (and 4), now you can solo/mute them separately in mixer.

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I did place your attachment to folder 'C:\Program Files\MuseScore 2\templates\02-Choral' where the templates for Choral are placed. However, I found that all other templates have extension of .mscz but yours is .mscx. MuseScore would not recognise this template even after restarting MuseScore. I then simply rename it to extension .mscz and MuseScore could not load it.

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This is not necessary in version 3. Put soprano and tenor in voice 1 of their respective staves and alto and bass into voice 2 of their respective staves. In the mixer in version 3 there is a section that says mute and has a button for each voice.

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Before I have Soprano/Tenor voice 1, Alto and Bass voice 2.
Now, I have Soprano/Tenor voice 1, Alto/Bass voice 4.

Before, if I changed instrument on patch for Voice 2, it played same instrument on voice 1.
Now, it plays the instrument I want.

Any ideas/comments are always welcome.

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Yes, I setup the way it is advised for voices, However, I wanted to listen to different instruments for every voice but whenever I changed the sound for voice 2 it picked same sound (instrument) from voice 1 so doing the change, it helped me to listen to a different instrument.

I starting using MuseScore 3 from my beginnings, your comments helped me a lot. I had many files already set up with SATB closed score and the trick I found is on Mixer, selecting first Women or Men part, click on S (solo) and the Muting the Voice 1 or 2.

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