3.0-dev: Piano fingering is positioned left of notes by default. How to change?

• Oct 18, 2018 - 18:43

Hi community,

I've always seen piano fingering go above notes in the right hand and below notes in the left hand unless multiple voices are used, in which case fingering appears above upwards notes and below downwards notes.

MuseScore 3 currently positions piano fingering to the left of notes by default. It makes the fingering hard to read because it can be obscured by the staff lines, and I don't think it's correct, not for piano at least. I could not find an option to change the position of fingering to above or below notes in the Inspector except by dragging it manually, which is a process as fast as a glacier. I sincerely apologize if the option is there.

I've attached an image of how piano fingering usually looks like. Feedback is welcome.


Unfortunately, the way fingering is implemented in MuseScore, it's very difficult to make it position by default above the notes. That's because fingering is attached to individual notes and not to the chord as a whole, so you can't easily calculate an offset from the note that will place it appropriately as the chord to which it belongs changes (eg, as notes are added or removed, as the stem flips, as the chord is made small, etc). I'm sure it could be re-designed in a way that would make this possible, but right now that's how it is.

And to be clear, this isn't new for MuseScore 3 - it's the same for MuseScore 2. There is a pretty cool "Fix Fingering" plugin for MuseScore 2 that can go in and, well, fix the fingerings. They are fixed in that they look better, but also in that they remain stuck in those relative positions as the chord is modified, so it isn't ideal, but it's better than nothing. Not sure of the status of plugins for MuseScore 3.

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