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• Oct 21, 2018 - 19:29
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Hi. The X offset in v 3 alpha doesn't work properly. When moving a note the lines belonging to it doesn't remain fixed. Please, see the archives attached:
17.pdf --> the original document I want to transcribe to MU
17-mu-bug.pdf --> how MU writes the E note after moving it
17- lilypond.pdf --> how Lilypond writes the E note. Lilypond does the work fine. But it a lot cumbersome.

The same bug exists in the stable version 2.3.2. of MU. (bug report filled also)

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In fact there seem to be two kinds of offset in MuseScore. If you apply that one that is situated upper in Inspector then you get the same appearance that you reported but if you use that offset situated below then you get exactly what is needed. See the attached screenshot for example.
Still I don't know for now what should be the difference between these two kinds of offset.

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Hi Dmitrio95. Thank you very much for your tip. In fact, you are wright, there are two kind of off-sets: for an element and for a chord. The one which works fine is the chord off-set. It do what I want. But the problem now is that the off-set is not saved for the next session. When you quit the program and open it again, the off-set was forgotten.

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Tested this in alpha version, it really seems to have such a bug. However the offset is properly saved in the current version of MuseScore so you might want to try latest nightly builds or wait for an alpha-2 release which is going to happen soon. Anyway thank you for reporting this!

I'll close this bug report then, feel free to reopen it or post new reports if you still have some problems.