Offline handbook shortcut

• Oct 24, 2018 - 17:12

I'm not on the internet on my home computer, so i use the installed MuseScore manual for help. What we need is a shortcut to open this file (the url can be customized in the Preferences).


MuseScore used to include a local Handbook, I think it was PDF. This was discontinued with the idea being that the Handbook would continually be improved, which is indeed true. But it was also observed that long term, a better strategy might be to treat the Handbook as we do translations (or, now, extensions) that can be updated from within the program. I'd like to see us go that way for 3.0. I'm currently putting together some proposals for how I'd like to see documentation evolve and this is part of it.

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That's fine but keep in mind the original idea is that we have a shortcut or menu option to open whatever we have. Right now, the Help menu option only attempts to get on the internet and find the online manual. Could we make this customizable?
BTW, i don't always keep up with the latest version of MuseScore, so i think IMO the PDF should only be updated with every stable version of the application.

Also, i can help with this matter. I did the original Offline Help Manual (OHM) for the open-source version of Modplug Tracker, which has since been ported to Wiki pages by the devs.

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