Lyrics in middle of grand staff

• Oct 26, 2018 - 22:02

I would like to be able to easily/automatically set lyrics to go to the middle of a grand staff (lyrics above the bass clef notes and below the treble clef).

This is a standard format for published music. Here is an example from Hal Leonard:, Faber:, and someone's self-published music:…

I teach multiple instruments and also need it to convert correctly from single staff music to grand staff when using the split staff function, using ctrl-shift arrows to change the staff a note is in, and when transposing.


There are a few ways of doing this. First thing is to create a blank score and adjust your stave and all other features and then save this as a Template.

If you are entering lyrics based on notes in the treble stave you can adjust Style >General >Page >Lyrics Top Margin to a value such as 6.0. If you are entering on notes in the bass stave then set the value to -9.0 or thereabouts.

If you want to be able to enter lyrics on both staves and have the text appear between them then you can set different text values for odd and even lyrics. You do this from Style >Text Lyrics Odd Lines and >>Lyrics Even Lines repectively. You could then enter lyrics on the treble stave set at 6.0 or so (entered on Line 1 of lyrics) and the bass set at -10.0 or whatever (press Enter to take the lyrics down to Line 2 - an even line).

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Yeah, there are a couple workarounds (I've been putting invisible notes in the treble clef to attach lyrics to), but none of them are easy or convenient workarounds.

And more importantly, none of them convert from a single staff lead sheet. I want to be able to use the split staff function. If I do it now, it puts the bass clef lyrics below the bass clef. I want the to be able to use the split staff function and keep the lyrics in the middle.

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I suggest you try a nightly build of MuseScore 3 (or wait for the "alpha 2" version recently mentioned as coming soon) to see if the controls there for placing things above the staff work well enough for you. In theory, it seems one should be able to use the "X" command to flip the lower staff staff lyrics above, but when I try it, it flips all lyrics; not seeing an obvious way to do it one staff at a time.

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