MuseScore 3 alpha2 feedback

• Nov 13, 2018 - 17:12
  1. Unable to access onboard helpfile
  2. LOVE the new Piano Roll upgrade! However, would like a play only selection button, as well as a Reset to Default Values button, which would remove edits to the Velocity or Time Length bars. Would love the option to switch to a different staff OR show both staves of a Grand staff for better keyboard editing.
  3. LOVE the coloration preferences!
  4. Cross-measure beaming removed when importing score from MS 2.3.2. How do i get it back?
  5. Unable to load 2.3.2 Style. If the new Style format is different than MS 2.x, there should be a way to import older styles to the MS3 format.
  6. The Style Editor is better but the Measure section might do better if you could include a preview pane to show what the user is changing and by how much.
  7. I love the extra sections for dynamics and volta defaults. The Fermata section would be great if the user could define the default time lengthening of the note it applies to.
  8. Love the Preview for Staff Properties, but the Show Barline toggle isn't working.
  9. The Timeline is an AMAZING concept! Hope to see this improved upon.
  10. In the Piano Roll Editor, what is the "Wave" button for?
  11. Also, what practical use is changing the "Bar Pattern" in the PRE?
  12. Undo button in PRE not working.


  1. You can change the stretch on a fermata and place it in a custom workspace just like you could in version 2. If you change the default stretch on a fermata and decide it's too long, you must change the stretch on all fermatas on that note since the longest fermata is always played. With a default of 1, it is only necessary to change the stretch on one fermata to make it longer.

1) what onboard help file?
4) better report in the issue tracker as a bug
5) better report in the issue tracker as either a bug or a 'Suggestion'
8) I believe this is know and has been reported

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