Tied notes between tuplets?

• Nov 14, 2018 - 02:39

I'm trying to write a difficult piano piece in which the pianist has to perform a "trill" with two hands- one hand plays one line, and the other hand plays a line where the notes are always in between the notes of the first line, (This is easier to understand in the image.) This has worked out great for Musescore except for a note I have a tied note between two sextuplets. Is there anyway to make this into an eighth note like the others? Is there something else I could do to better clarify the situation? musescorehelp.png

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Not sure what you're getting at musically, but how 'bout using cross-staffing with sextuplets across the board? This way your bass clef needs but one voice.
For example:


You could use tenuto markings to signify duration to be like your original, but since you'd probably need a pedal anyways to hold your lower octave, it wouldn't really matter.

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