to insert a pause with pc keyboard

• Nov 14, 2018 - 13:00

when I try to insert a pause with the 0 key (as the manual says) Musescore inserts an empty bar. Can someone help me?
thank you


pause -> rest (and bar -> measure, et least in the US)
But no, 0 does not insert an empty measure, it creates a rest of the selected duration

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If it's a true measure rest, this is very unlikely. If it's a whole rest (4 beats) you probably have pressed 7 then 0 for the whole rest.

If this doesn't help, attach a score showing the problem and instructions on how you made it. Someone can then help you better.

Make sure NumLock is on if you're using the numeric keypad. Otherwise (0) key will act as (Ins) key. I can see it working that way on my system.

ok, solved. I had probably inadvertently unlocked the NumLock.
Thank you all for your help.
In this forum there are many people available to help

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